summer honeymoon: bali, day 3

for our third day, we hired the same driver from the day before for an afternoon uluwatu tour. we paid idr300,000 for the half day tour with pick up time at around 1 p.m. we were supposed to go on a diy trip to the eastern parts of bali in the morning but because we were still a bit tired from our day two tour, we decided to have a lazy morning instead.

after breakfast, we lounged around the guesthouse for a bit.
little tree house

and then walked to sanur beach for a morning swim. after that we had lunch at the same neighborhood warung we dined in during our first day. we then had to rush back to the guesthouse to freshen up and prepare for the afternoon tour.
sanur beach

originally, we had only three destinations for the afternoon but our driver suggested that we make a stopover at this place where you will find five churches of different religions–muslim, catholic, buddhist, protestant and hindu. nice concept, huh? we felt so peaceful being in that place–perfect for a quiet time and prayers no matter what faith you are in.

for some beach fix, we were supposed to head to balangan beach but our driver suggested this newly commercialized “hidden” beach in kutuh village called pandawa beach. there is an entrance fee of idr5,000 per person. we also rented beach chairs for idr25,000 each.
pandawa beach
beach happy

there were many people–both locals from in and around the island and tourists–during our visit but we still found the beach perfect for swimming. the place is also photogenic.
long beach
beach chairs for rent

our next stop was padang padang beach, which became popular for being one of the locations of julia roberts’ film “eat, pray, love.” we were a bit hesitant to visit this place at first because some online reviews say that the beach is overrated just because of the film. but we were glad we stopped by because the place wasn’t so bad at all. sure there were many tourists on the main beach but if you explore the beach, you will find a little piece of your own.
padand padang

we enjoyed taking pictures and sunbathing during our short stay at padang padang beach. it was low tide when we arrived so we were not able to really swim. the water started to rise nearing sunset and we took a dip here and there during our walk back. there are makeshift kiosks on the main beach near the stairs leading to the main road of uluwatu. we bought two sarongs as souvenirs for idr40,000 each.
camwhore worthy

our last stop was the uluwatu temple to watch the sunset. there is an entrance fee of idr30,000 per person. ladies are provided with a sarong prior to entering the temple grounds if you are wearing shorts, and skirts or dresses that fall above your knees; while men are handed a sash to be tied around their waists.

sunset at uluwatu is nothing out of the ordinary but the temple grounds offer a good view because it is situated atop a cliff just like the tanah lot temple. we enjoyed walking the trail on the edge of the cliff. at one end of the trail, there is an opening between the fence that leads to a tiny piece of land, literally on the edge of the cliff, and we just had to take photos there. thank heavens we didn’t fall off.
uluwatu sunset

the day was almost perfect except for two misadventures: (1) we were scammed by a money changer; and (2) my teddy bear museum purse for seoul, south korea was snatched by a monkey at uluwatu temple and although it was retrieved, the purse was severely damaged and the money (from the previous misadventure) was short of more than idr100,000.


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