summer honeymoon: bali, days 4 & 5

we decided to have a slow and easy last full day in bali. we woke up around 6 a.m. on a friday morning to watch the sun rise from sanur beach. we find our sanur neighborhood to be darker and quieter compared to our place in the philippines during the same time.

there were three elder women also waiting for the sunrise at sanur beach when we arrived there. we also spotted a fisherman who seemed to be doing a morning ritual as he walked along the shoreline. the elders didn’t stay long enough to witness the actual rising of the sun. they left shortly after the sky started turning orange.
sanur sunrise

we headed back to little tree house for breakfast and then went back to the beach. we swam and sunbathed until 10 a.m. we also filmed our choreography of john legend’s all of me by the beach. it was difficult to dance on sanur’s loose sand, quite reminiscent of the first time we tried dancing on sand at marimegmeg beach in el nido, palawan.
dance time

back again at little tree house, we decided to lounge around the garden by the pool. we also went swimming for a bit.
pool time

after washing up, we also filmed our all of me choreography by the pool before heading out for lunch.
just dance

we took an afternoon nap after lunch. we woke up around 3 p.m. and decided to go to the beach for the last time. the tide was already low so we were not able to swim again. we just walked along the shore and took pictures.
low tide
afternoon stroll

in the evening, we went to sanur art market to buy souvenirs and pasalubong. we had dinner at tropical restaurant near the market before retiring to our tree house.

we'll be missing our little tree house...

we’ll be missing our little tree house…

we were early at the airport the morning of our flight to manila even though we already did a web check-in. we bought chocolates at duty free and had breakfast in one of the coffee shops nearby before proceeding to our boarding gate. we were back in makati by 2 p.m.

selamat pagi, bali! terima kasih ^_^


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