a love story

one fateful day of june 1997, kim and almi were introduced to each other by a common friend. the following day, almi heard that kim had a crush on her “walkman skills.” apparently, kim’s first sight of almi was that of her bobbing her head while listening to her walkman. almi, on the otherhand, couldn’t remember anything about their first meeting.

no progress in their relationship happened until the night of dec. 23, 1999 when they started being textmates, haha! after that, they started hanging out with their common friends more often. kim would also usually visit almi at school, although she thought he was visiting their group of friends, in general.

seeing how dense almi was, kim finally asked for permission to court her on oct. 21, 2000 but almi took this proposal as one of his jokes. so dense this girl was that she didn’t get it when days after, kim asked her for advice: “what if i asked the girl i like for permission to court her and she said no? what if she said yes? what if she wouldn’t give an answer?” and almi told him: “don’t ask her, you idiot! just do it!” and so that was what kim did.

but this girl he likes was really too dense that when he sent her a dozen white roses—in a pot, mind you—on valentine’s day of 2001 she still didn’t get it. two days after, feb. 16, he asked her if she could be her girl friend, and the clueless girl finally started realizing her friends might be right all along—that this boy wanted more than friendship from her. but she was too confused so she told him, no.

kim was heartbroken but he continued being this crazy friend of almi’s that she remained clueless of his feelings for her—just as she was clueless of her feelings for him then. people who see them together thought they’re already boyfriend-girlfriend—kim wished it were true; almi just laughed at this comment.

so kim thought of a plan. he did not go to almi’s house during the latter’s town fiesta on apr. 5 and refused to answer her texts even days after. his absence gave almi time to think and that’s when she realized she might have also developed feelings for this boy. “too late now,” she thought. but of course we know that it wasn’t too late. they had the chance to talk on good friday, during which kim emphasized that he’s been courting her all along. “remember that advice you gave me?” “oh, that.”

june 10 came—the night before almi would go to her aunt’s house in quezon city, where she would temporarily stay while studying in the university of the philippines-diliman (while kim would stay behind in the province to attend college at batangas state university). they had a long heart-to-heart talk about their relationship, in the course of which almi might have implied her feelings to kim. to her, she just meant, “i like you but this might not be the right time.” but to him, it meant they were already a couple, haha! the following days after that, almi was surprised to receive love messages from kim and she didn’t know how to reply.

the morning of june 14, kim called almi, upon the suggestion of a common friend, to clear their relationship status. almi told him that they’re not yet a couple. kim was crushed but he said he will continue to wait for her. they were still sending messages to each other the whole day. and then later that night, almi became anxious and just the thought of kim courting another girl gave little pinches in her chest. she thought of asking him how he felt after she told him that she didn’t actually agree to be his girlfriend last june 10. and then, with her heart racing fast, she asked him, “how would you feel if i say yes right now?” kim was already jumping in excitement, “really?!” and so almi finally said yes to love!

it was 7:38 p.m. and now, more than a decade later, almi and kim still go back to that moment every 14th of the month. <3


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