how do we measure a year? turns one year old today. this blog has been viewed more than 12,100 times in 71 countries since. its best day with 204 views was on november 16, 2012, two days after our wedding day. the most popular of its 161 posts was our wedding save-the-date postcard diy tutorial posted on july 31, 2012, which has been viewed 265 times since. the most popular page with 808 views was our wedding page.

with more than 700 followers,’s posts have been shared more than 200 times through facebook, google+, tumblr, twitter, pinterest and press this. it has also received at least 150 comments from its readers. the top commenter was cham from davao, philippines. has gotten more than 500 likes for its posts. its record of most likes in one day was on april 9, 2013 with 24 likes.

it has been a wonderful first year for thanks to our readers for all the support. here’s to more years of spreading the love, y’all!


sew-that saturday: quick stain fix

so your favorite shirt got stained by you do not know what (or from where and when), making it harder for you to figure out how to remove the stain? and no matter how many times you treat it, the stain just won’ go away? and you just can’t make yourself throw the shirt away or turn it into a rag? it is your favorite shirt after all. but don’t lose hope yet because here’s a quick fix for you. why not go for a cover-up instead of trying and failing for the nth time to remove the stain?

we got this shirt from our trip to singapore and the panda design is just too adorable not to love. the shirt somehow acquired a stain on the left shoulder, and after months–yes months!–we thought of sewing over the stain just tonight. kim cut out tiny hearts from felt fabric, while i (almi) did the sewing. and our impromptu diy project was done in less than 10 minutes. 20130223-192331.jpg

i was excited to finally wear it again without hiding the stain with a jacket. ain’t my shirt even cuter now?20130223-191308.jpg

day 22 of 100

today is my kim’s birthday so i asked him what he wanted to do on his last birthday as a single man. i must confess that with all the wedding preparation happening since may, i did not have a plan for tonight. i have bought him gifts and gave them to him two months ago and i was thinking he would want to spend this day without me. but he said there is no other way to celebrate his birthday than with me. he has always been such a sweetie, telling me that his birthday is my birthday too. we have been celebrating his birthday together for the past 11 years and i did feel like it was always my birthday and not his!

i always try my best to make him happy on his birthday and it is not that i never succeeded; on the contrary, i always do. it’s just that when he is happy, it makes me happy too and then he would do things to make me even happier because he is happy that i make him happy and that i am happy that he is happy. happiness is a happy thing, indeed. especially when you have found that one person with whom you can share infinite happiness.

“i cannot think of anything that i want to do on my birthday that i would not be able to do after we get married,” he said. we both stopped and thought about it. well, he was right. i cannot thing of anything either.  so i just asked him, “you have 72 birthdays to go. are you sure you would want to spend all of them with me?” (we recently had this crazy idea of living a hundred years in order to celebrate our 1000th monthsary together, hehe.) he laughed (see? he was happy already, haha!), and  said, “yes, bebi. because i love you.” (okay, who’s birthday is it again? lol.)