movie night: ruby sparks

photo source: directed by little miss sunshine’s jonathan dayton and valerie faris, this fantasy romance comedy is about a lonely novelist who was writing a new book about his ideal girl and then one day she magically turns into life. moreover, he was able to control the girl by his words.

the movie shows how one’s idea of his or her partner can make that person controlling. and that one may be able to dictate another one’s actions but not the other person’s emotional state. being a control freak can leave one or both sad and depressed.

it is about love and letting go. but it is also about destiny, second chances, and a happy ending.


movie date: upside down

written and directed by juan diego solanas, this visually stunning romantic fantasy film asks: “what if love was stronger than gravity?”

the story was set on two co-existing planets with dual gravity that operates on only three rules: (1) all matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other; (2) an object’s weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world (inverse matter); and (3) after some time in contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns.

the forbidden love story between the girl (from the rich up world) and the boy (from the poor down world) was interwoven with issues on social class and political systems governing the two worlds. this was not executed efficiently, which slowed the pace of the entire film. why does one of them have to suffer from amnesia? and we do not mind kissing scenes but some were just unnecessarily a bit too long.

meanwhile, the beautiful cinematography kept us glued to our seats–daydreaming. we especially love the “sunset” scenes (like the one in the photo above), and that one raindrops scene.

a long 105 minutes later, the film ended but none of the issues raised were resolved, suggesting the possibility of a sequel.

movie date: warm bodies

warm bodies poster
if you are thinking of going on a movie date this heart’s day, we highly recommend that you see jonathan levine’s warm bodies, which is based on isaac marion’s novel of the same title. it is more than just a love story between a zombie and a human amid an apocalypse; it is also a story about love as the core of human existence.

the movie was narrated from the point of view of a zombie, making it more interesting. you know from the start that somehow this zombie survived an apocalypse to tell this story and you just have to sit back and see how and why. well, that is if you have not read the novel like us.

either way, we guarantee that you and your date will enjoy this paranormal romantic comedy. and if you don’t, we suggest that you have your chest checked to see whether or not you have a heart.

some take-homes from this movie: (1) building walls is not always a good idea. disconnection and isolation are not always the best answers. (2) a simple act of compassion, like holding hands, can make a big difference. (3) indeed, in the end, three things remain: faith (in humankind), hope (for the world), and love (for one another). (4) love wins. love always wins. (5) promise to stay together whatever happens and everything will turn out right.