day 14 of 100

we spent a couple of hours looking after my nephew rajah, and nieces angel and aya today. and there is only one word that can describe us after: drained.

the thing about kids is they demand your full attention. you cannot tell what could happen if you just blink your eyes or look the other way. but with three kids in the room, it was hard to give our full attention to each of them at the same time. for example, we had to cheer on rajah while he was doing a song and dance number; and at the same time keep an eye on angel who was trying to ride on kim’s shoulders, and aya who was jumping up and down the bed.

thank god (and technology) for that one moment of peace when they got engrossed with an iphone each. and it was then that we both had this funny feeling that we were having a preview of our future as parents, haha. we agreed that taking care of three kids was tiring but also fun. as soon-to-weds who plan to be parents in the future, such moments make you realize how much you can really take together.

anyway, we returned the kids to their respective parents unscathed so i think our short parenting stint was a success.