supplier review #4: andaya digital video

andaya digital video

KIM AND ALMI | SAME DAY EDIT from Christian Andaya on Vimeo.

owner christian andaya and the rest of the team he brought with him during our wedding day were fun to work with. aside from being our videographers for the day, they also helped in orchestrating the flow of the day’s events, and in keeping us calm.

christian did a great job with our onsite video (see above). we love it to pieces! we decided on the song “yours alone” from the story of the tinman. but the song was too short so christian thought of including joe moralez’s “boy with a kite” in between our choice song. christian let us listen to the mix (separately, of course) before the ceremony, and we both loved how these two songs sounded like they were made for each other (just like the two of us!). good job, christian!

we recently got the raw files of the full documentary, and we are thankful that the team was able to capture the details and highlights of our wedding day. we are just a bit sad that they were not able to take a full clip of our first and last dance numbers. but overall, we are satisfied with christian’s and his team’s service.

same day edit: 5/5
full documentary: 4.5/5

overall rating: 4.75/5


a&k | 11.14.12

turning 137 months as husband and wife is the best thing ever! thank you to all our relatives and friends who joined us in celebrating this next chapter of our love story. five days later, here we are–still in wedding bliss. our 17-year-old hearts are still overflowing with too much kilig from it all–too overwhelmed by the thought of being married. while we take our time getting down from cloud nine (or why not stay here forever?), let us share with you our onsite wedding video:

KIM AND ALMI | SAME DAY EDIT from Christian Andaya on Vimeo.

save the date

today marks the 11th year of our love story and the 1st year since the proposal <<<:333

and on this very special day, we are sharing you our save-the-date announcement via

and here’s our video clip via

both announcements feature our favorite photos from our fun-shoot with foreveryday photography.

to love, y’all!