our third online feature

we were not aware of this feature until today–792 days after the wedding.

Almi and Kim exchanged vows in a rustic church in Batangas. The wedding featured summery details in salmon pink, seafoam blue, and mint green. Most of the décors used during the ceremony and the reception were created by the artsy couple.

read the full feature here.

thanks and more power, femalenetwork.com!

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our second online feature

we are featured as couple of the day on bridalbook.ph, an online resource on philippine weddings.

by foreveryday photographyArtsy couple Almi and Kim tied the knot at San Guillermo Parish in Batangas. The couple showcased their creative sides on their big day through several DIY projects.

read the full feature here.

thanks and more power, bridalbook.ph!

jumping in

(now’s the time / can’t make it wait / it’s your life / don’t hesitate / live it more / it can be great…)

today, we are officially transforming this blog from a wedding site to our permanent cyberhome. from this point forward, our posts will no longer be limited to everything wedding-related. expect stories about marriage, home improvements, cooking, and parenting (not very soon).

(jump into the future / jump into a new day / jump into the new you / jump into a new way / jump into a new life / jump in things that you like / it’s time for you to be brave / and jump into a new place…)

we will also start talking about our travels here. and if you need any help in planning your trip, just give us a buzz. visit the akventures tab on the top menu for details.

for those who followed us for the wedding stuff, please do not click the unfollow button just yet. we will still be posting wedding-related entries because we just cannot get weddings out of our system. maybe it is true–once a bride/groom, always a bride/groom. our love for weddings grew even more that we have decided to venture into the wedding industry as wedding planners/stylists/coordinators. click on the aknots tab on the top menu for updates.

we also have tutorials in store for those who visit this blog for our diy projects. we will also be selling some of our creations. just click on the akrafts tab (also on the top menu) for our products.

(so take the leap and jump with us / take this trip, come ride with us…)

right now, we feel like jumping into this big pool of possibilities. we are taking a real leap of faith with this. how about you? what are you jumping into this year?
photo by foreveryday photography

(it’s your time, don’t hesitate / it’s your life, it can be great…)

(jump in by apl.de.ap and jessica sanchez)