summer honeymoon: bali, days 4 & 5

we decided to have a slow and easy last full day in bali. we woke up around 6 a.m. on a friday morning to watch the sun rise from sanur beach. we find our sanur neighborhood to be darker and … Continue reading

dance: is this love?

before the love month ends, we thought we should put our little february special dance video here. this was based on an old couple concept dance video by keone and mariel. seeing this clip was inspiration at first sight for us. we have not done a dance video since our wedding in 2012, so this little project was sort of a rediscovering for us.

squeezing a few hours after work to study and practice the routine whenever we can, it took us a total of about eight hours before we finally decided it was time to film. we recorded this at our rooftop during sunset on the afternoon of february 2. we plan to perform this routine every 10 years until we are too old to do it–just like in the original concept of the choreography.

i want to love you, and treat you right / i want to love you, every day and every night / we’ll be together, with a roof right over our heads / we’ll share the shelter, of my single bed…

is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that i’m feelin’?..

i… i’m willing and able / so i throw my cards on your table…

i want to love you / i want to love and treat, love and treat you, love and treat, love and treat you right… <3

sytycd saturday

dancing is one of the things that brought and has been keeping us together. today, we spent our morning watching clips from one of our favorite dance shows–so you think you can dance.

we think these are the sytycd’s 10 best routines of all time:
1. season 4 – bleeding love (chelsea & mark) – lyrical hip hop
2. season 4 – no air (katee & joshua) – lyrical hip hop
3. season 4 – like you’ll never see me again (courtney & will) – lyrical hip hop
4. season 5 – mad (jeanine & philip) – lyrical hip hop
5. season 5 – gravity (kayla & kupono) – lyrical hip hop
6. season 7 – my chick bad (lauren & twitch) – hip hop
7. season 7 – collide (lauren & kent) – contemporary
8. season 7 – fix you (robert & -allison) – contemporary
9. season 5 – dreams are more precious (azuka & vitolio) – waltz
10. season 6 – ordinary day (mollee & jakob) – waltz