fashion friday: cut-off denim shorts

it is finally starting to feel a lot like summer in this part of the world. one proof of this is the proliferation of girls in short shorts even inside air-conditioned malls, as observed by a friend of mine just last night, haha! i too have been having a hard time sleeping in our fan room for the past two nights because of this supposed summer heat.

so anyway, for today’s fashion friday project, i thought of working on one of my go-to clothing piece during summer–denim shorts. i love denim shorts because they are comfortable and go well with almost any top and footwear.

instead of buying a new one, i thought of making cut-off shorts from one of my really old pair of jeans. and by really old, i mean from my college days or about 10 years old!

i patterned the size from one of my denim shorts that fit me well. and then i turned the left back pocket into a bow, sewed a piece of lace on the right side of the hem, and embellished the left front pocket with printed fabric.

et voila! 20130315-170622.jpg

update 03/16: wore my diy cut-off shorts to the mall today :) 20130317-180048.jpg


washi wednesday: swap

most washi tape swaps work by exchanging slightly used up rolls or even new rolls (e.g. your least like design from a set pack). but my friend introduced me to this type of swap wherein you just exchange one yard of your designs. doing swaps this way lets you keep your current collection and at the same time sampling out other people’s washi tape designs. you can just wrap your washi tape loot around anything you like (e.g. pens, drinking straws, popsicle sticks) during the swap.

for my first washi swap loot, i rolled them on paper straws cut to the width of the specific washi tape. i also did this to sample my own collection and stored them in a reclaimed glass jar. now i have these cute washi tape mini rolls. 20130227-104759.jpg

sew-that saturday: quick stain fix

so your favorite shirt got stained by you do not know what (or from where and when), making it harder for you to figure out how to remove the stain? and no matter how many times you treat it, the stain just won’ go away? and you just can’t make yourself throw the shirt away or turn it into a rag? it is your favorite shirt after all. but don’t lose hope yet because here’s a quick fix for you. why not go for a cover-up instead of trying and failing for the nth time to remove the stain?

we got this shirt from our trip to singapore and the panda design is just too adorable not to love. the shirt somehow acquired a stain on the left shoulder, and after months–yes months!–we thought of sewing over the stain just tonight. kim cut out tiny hearts from felt fabric, while i (almi) did the sewing. and our impromptu diy project was done in less than 10 minutes. 20130223-192331.jpg

i was excited to finally wear it again without hiding the stain with a jacket. ain’t my shirt even cuter now?20130223-191308.jpg